Cityworks (X)po

(BIG) ideas! (BETTER) places!

(X)po is a collaborative, co-creative, and multi-disciplinary idea exchange and festival conference occurring annually in Roanoke, Virgina. By day attendees are immersed in thought provoking presentations, riveting performances and engaging dialogue. By night the conference continues with networking opportunities at amazing parties, street fests, and spectacular live music. Your registration includes admittance to all (X)po activities.

(X)po’s Venue

(X)po is held in Roanoke, Virginia, in Charter Hall at the Historic City Market Building.

(X)po’s Purposes & Invitees 

(X)po seeks to enhance connectivity within and between cities and to explore exponential impact across six major themes: Capital & Social Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Good Government, Arts & Design, Knowledge & New Media, Outdoors & Recreation, and Food & Drink. (X)po’s speakers, panelists, and participants will include innovative leaders from each of these spheres. 

(X)po convenes an annual placemaking summit focused on deeply and broadly strengthening cities of all sizes. Attendees will represent communities from across the United States.

(X)po is a great opportunity to examine and enhance how cities share worthwhile ideas, projects, expenses, and perspective. This conference presents one of the nation’s best opportunities for idea exchanges focused on place.

(X)po’s vibe 

(X)po is a celebration of places and the people, creativity and ideas that can make them great. 

(X)po is a curated “Best of” experience with amazing speakers, music, and opportunities for relationship development. For those who are serious about placemaking and stronger communities, (X)po is one of the best events of the year.

(X)po is a supernova of change agents, placemakers, capital, arts and design, live music, worthwhile ideas, action plans, new colleagues, connectivity, technology, and locavore fare.

(X)po Themes & Representive topics from past events:

Knowledge & New Media

No University? No Problem

Creating the College Town Vibe Where There Is No College.

People Power 

Social Web for Social Change, Crowdsource Funding and Resources to Make Ideas Happen.
Leadership & Good Government

Bad Apples 

Dealing with Rogue Bureaucrats, Bad Cops, Self-Absorbed Creatives, and Other Obstacles.

Haystacks & Needles 

Smart Ways to Find, Develop, and Empower Place Making Leaders.

Relationships & Progress

Exponential Impact through Trust, Candor and Vulnerability.
Arts & Design

The Physiology of Urban Planning

The Mind and Body of Cities.

One Empty Room 

Using Human Capital and Empty Space to Create Extraordinary Places.

Bombing Your City...In a Good Way

Tactical Methodologies for Driving Vibrancy in Forgotten or Mistreated Urban Areas.
Food & Drink

Dig It! 

Gaining Tradition from Farms, Locavore, Urban Gardening, Coffee, Spirits, and Beer.

Food Trucks

Mobile Food Builds Community.

Fueling Interaction

Craft Beers, Regional Wines and Sustainable Coffee.
Social Entrepreneurship & Capital

Overcoming the Building Owner Blockade 

Getting Landlords on Board.

Cheap Tricks 

25 Cool Ideas for Impact on a Low Budget.


Pop Up Stores and Coffee Bars That Give It Away.
Outdoors & Recreation

The Amazing Bicycle

Maximizing the Broad and Deep Impact of Bicycles on Your City.

Hanging Out

10 Easy Ideas to Turn Dead Public Space into People Space.

Get Outside

Turning the Built Environment into a Jungle Gym for Urban Dwellers.