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Leader in Technology and Creativity, Inventor

BOB LAMBERT is an innovator and thought-leader in technology, creativity, and business development.  He is experienced in navigating and leading industry transitions and inflections across a range of business and technology challenges, in global Fortune 500 environments, non-profit initiatives, and entrepreneurial start-up ventures.

As a senior executive of The Walt Disney Company for 25 years, Bob served as Senior Vice President, Worldwide Technology Strategy and Development, challenged with looking ‘down the road and around the corner’ to help guide one of the world’s most innovative and forward-thinking companies to successful new strategies. His team pioneered award-winning digital transitions in film, television, gaming, e-commerce, social media, and emerging consumer media.  He initiated the company’s long-term successful collaboration with Pixar and developed new digital production processes which garnered Disney an Academy Award for Scientific & Technical Achievement.

Bob served as president of Technology Operations & Licensing and chairman of Disney’s interdivisional technology board, mapping technology and innovation approaches in new media with Disney’s worldwide business units and technology partners. Bob served as Disney’s senior tech executive in strategic planning, M&A diligence, intellectual property and patent strategy, inter-industry relations, standards and regulatory issues, and tech talent recruitment.

Bob is Chairman Emeritus of the University of Southern California’s Entertainment Technology Center, a 17-company consortium dedicated to consumer media trends, and has served as chairman and CEO of USC/ETC.

Bob was a founder and term chairman of DCI, the six-studio consortium that successfully pioneered the transition of more than 40,000 theatres from film to digital cinema worldwide.

Prior to Disney, Bob was executive director of development for Paramount Pictures; and directed development for Western Technologies, a consumer products and entertainment technology design firm.

As an inventor, Bob holds 30 domestic and international patents in media technologies.  He was named an Industry Pioneer by the ShoWest national film and television industry conference, outstanding alumnus of Virginia Tech, and received an Astrolabium Award from the International Electronic Cinema Festival.   Bob has lead symposia on innovation and cultural change, and keynoted international trade events in Asia, Europe, and the US.

Bob serves on the board of directors of start-up ventures and non-profits, including LLE, Inc, a firm pioneering eco-friendly laser-based lighting systems.   He has served on advisory boards of USC, Virginia Tech, the American Film Institute, the National Academy of Science, and the Starbright Foundation;  and supports InventNow, an organization devoted to promoting innovation, creativity, and invention in elementary and high school students.